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Are you looking to add an extra bedroom or a larger kitchen? At MA Lewis Roofing, we can plan, design and build a new extension that best meets your requirements.

Redefine your living space

As our builders are skilled and know the importance of providing quality work, you are guaranteed to be left with a well-designed and well-built room. We can deliver outstanding results and will go the extra mile to fulfil your requirements. Our builders have years of experience in working on home renovation projects. We can also advise you on designing a practical and beautiful house extension.
Building conversions
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Make the most of the space in your home

With a house extension, you can add an extra bedroom, home office, study room, children’s room or a spacious recreation room. We can make your home a more enjoyable space to live in. Our builders have the knowledge and expertise to create modern house extensions that are beautiful and functional. We will design and build a home that is right for you.
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What are the benefits of extending your home?

  • You can add extra space to your home without having to move
  • The new room can be used for any purpose
  • An extension or conversion can add value to your property
  • Extensions can be very attractive to possible buyers, who will be willing to pay more because of the extra room you have had built
Our extension builders are happy to serve customers across Newport, Cwmbran, Bristol and Gloucester.
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